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We Help Organizations Achieve Resiliency. 



About Us

The three pillars of what we do at Turning Point Crisis Management - USA:

  1. Training

  2. Tabletops

  3. Technology

As a leading provider of integrated crisis leadership training and technology services, TPCM-USA is focused on the success of our client partners. Improving Readiness, Response and Resilience capabilities is at the core of everything that we do.

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Training Seminar For Your Team

We create an integrated crisis leadership and decision-making training program using proven, subject matter experts that will inform, inspire, motivate and build your organization’s resilience against the negative effects of any critical event. These cutting edge, interactive training sessions include:


 The qualities and skills to be an effective Crisis Leader
• The tenets of Crisis Decision Making
• The art and challenge of Crisis Communications
• Analyzing your Risks
• Establishing a resilient Crisis Management Program within your organization


Live Crisis Tabletop Scenarios

Events such as a workplace violence incident, a fire, or a disruptive protest in your headquarters lobby can lead to serious consequences for your team and damage to your reputation if not properly handled.

While incidents such as these can never be eliminated, TPCM-USA’s team can help you to develop plans, training, and exercises to ensure that your team is well prepared.

Our team has conducted live tabletop scenario training for clients such as:

• NFL Superbowl

• Papal Visit to DC

• Presidential Inauguration

• Fortune 500 Companies

• And many more...

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Alert & Respond to Any Crisis with Flash Mobile and Web Application

TPCM-USA’s exclusive mobile app and web console puts the power of people to work when it is needed the most.

Open communications and leadership are necessary when planning for a crisis. Making sure your team is always prepared with what needs to be done and the topics that need to be addressed is pivotal to ensure your long term success.

The software we provide is delivered and managed remotely and you and your team will have access via your preferred web browser or mobile device so that you can always work towards achieving your goals in an environment that fosters communication and teamwork.



VP Sales & Global Marketing

It’s been one week since LT. Col. Darling gave the Keynote at our sales meeting and I’m still receiving calls on how emotional and impactful it was for the entire team.   He was amazing!



President and CEO

The training provided by TPCM was focused on fostering teamwork, collaboration, and communication. This wasn’t your “canned” presentation of repackaged ideas.



Marubeni Corporation

Outstanding training! The TPCM-USA facilitators provided members of our HR management team two important training sessions along with a riveting keynote presentation on actual crisis leadership

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