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Critical Event Communication From Anywhere

As a leading provider of integrated crisis leadership training and technology services, TPCM-USA is focused on the success of our client partners. Improving readiness, response and resilience capabilities is at the core of everything that we do.

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Become a Better Team, Together.

Flash Real Time Communication Mobile App puts the power of people to work where they're needed most. The software we provide is delivered and managed remotely and you and your team will have access via your preferred web browser or mobile device so that you can always work towards achieving your goals in an environment that fosters communication and teamwork.

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Simple, Secure Communication

Flash RTC provides end to end 256k-bit encryption trusted by security professionals. Flash RTC creates off-band communication channels in the event of a compromised internal network.

Financial Report

Generate reports

Our web dashboard allows you to easily manager users, checklists, document repositories, forms, flashes, and templates through a web based portal for easy application management. Activate, track, and update active checklists and flashes during a crisis from any browser-based application.


Protect and store critical files

Protect your documents and access them from anywhere with a secure private repository. Grant or deny access to your team with passwords, PINs, or permission level access rules to keep your team compartmentalized and on track.


Featured In Major Publications

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Hear It from Our Customers

Outstanding training! The TPCM-USA facilitators provided members of our HR management team two important training sessions along with a riveting keynote presentation on actual crisis leadership and decision-making events that occurred within the White House bunker on 9/11/01. Evidence of the success was the “buzz” around our organization for several days following this training. As an organization, we feel empowered and better prepared to deal with critical issues, along with a palpable desire to continue to improve our organizational effectiveness moving forward. Thank you, TPCM-USA!

- Tony, Marubeni Corporation

How Do We Make Your
Crisis Management Easier?

Secure Meetings

Private File Storage

Real-Time Checklists

Send Flash Notifications

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